We ask ourselves this question every day, and every day we find a new dimension to it. I can start with a pure description that describes our work through our eyes.

We make each piece of jewelry only once, hand made with respect to the Earth and with a full intensity of ourselves in the making, in the promoting and in the selling. No one tells us what to create to sell. We just create. We use our talents.

The material we work with is typical and in many cases negatively progressive for today’s rebuilding of planet Earth, but very unique and subtle for jewelry making. We do not abuse the material, we use it with love. We honor the power of intention.

Taking care of a piece of jewellery is demanding and reveals exactly our attitude to the world, to life, to ourselves. We prefer kindness and patience over practical use, yet the jewelry is still fully wearable. We put the heart before the mind so that it loses its callousness and becomes a servant of life.

We move away from the certainty that is the chimera of today’s world and set to work on trust, gentleness and true beauty as we see it. Every day we use this courage and every day we support each other in it. We understand that we are doing most things completely backwards from what is common today, and that is why we choose to do it again and again, because doubt is in the constant supply of thoughts.

We fully respect the work of others and their preference, and therefore we do not interfere with their work. We don’t look at the apparent “competition” because we understand that there really isn’t any. We face life, and therefore already know that our opinion can be inspiring to the next journey if it comes from conscious action, as well as worthless because it is never the truth.

We make a lot of mistakes in our decisions, almost daily really 😊, but we are diligently learning to love them. We experience failure, false joy and contempt and then we look at them and thank life for allowing us to see them and for giving us infinite chances to do better. That we can use pride instead of contempt, acceptance instead of failure, and real motivation instead of false joy.

So for all of this, we do exactly what we do. Keep your fingers crossed for us, we’re keeping them crossed for you. Tyna

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