20th September 2022 | Press Release

photo: Petra Šebestová

| This year’s edition of Milano Jewelry Week will take place from 20 – 23 October and will include concrete jewelry from the brand Tyna Sousedik. You can look forward to 13 jewels in the exhibition at the PALAZZO DEI GIURECONSULTI in Piazza dei Mercanti in Milan. Ten of them are part of THE JEWELRY DROPS exhibition and three jewels are competing in THE FAB by Artistar jewels.

“We were invited to participate in this international jewelry exhibition at the end of June this year and after seeing the information materials we were very happy to agree to participate. It’s a beautiful world, full of wonderful inspiration, fresh imagination and superbly executed work. For me it means an open space for further learning and new experiences.”

Kristýna Sousedíková, jewelry designer

Tyna Sousedik will present part of the Architecture, Gemstones, Rawgems and Objects collections in Milan. Together, the collections point to the possibility of embracing concrete as a fully-fledged material, whose use, when well-intentioned and in line with respect for life, can carry a message of the permanent connection between human activity and the workings of nature.

Architecture is a collection of jewelry linking the journey from the old beech forest to the heart of the city and back. It’s a walk through trees, meadows, ponds, along the river to the café by the Charles Bridge, to the Kampa Theatre, to the Rudolfinum. Everywhere there I feel the essence of love and inspiration of nature for my decision, what I create and who I am. As the sun recedes, I look at the open space of the dialogue of desire and life. I am at home everywhere here.

There will also be a few pieces from the Objects collection, which is full of fruits from the hands of plants, trees, and humans. Everything that blooms can also ripen and is full of beauty and sweet fragrance. This journey runs according to the rhythm of life in its highest principle through the whole universe, which we cannot control, which we can look at with wonder and with a sense of a wish fulfilled – inhale… exhale… It is a time of rest, a time of sowing and a time of harvest.

The jewelry from the Gemstones collection carries with it the legacy of the 1950s and is inspired by the cinematic world of Karel Zeman. Beautiful wanderings through the underwater landscape with incredible tricks, suspense and bubble after bubble all around as you exhale. Try to catch one of those bubbles and find your treasure in it – cut amber, garnet, amethyst or citrine, carnelian, tourmaline.

Finally, the Raw gems collection is here to showcase the beauty of raw stone. It’s like a stone flying and falling into a shallow stream. Suddenly I am tempted and proceed to pick it up and see what all has been hidden in the sand. Sometimes the beauty against the sun is almost urgently joyful. Many of the secrets of these stones come from us, from Bohemia, from the heart of the old continent.

Tyna Sousedik is a very young brand that was established in the spring of this year. It offers a creative take on the malleability and beauty of concrete and turns these into jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is created as a single unique object in a workshop in the heart of the Křivoklát forests. The intention of this work is to show concrete as a fascinating material that can be used in harmony with its delicacy, expressiveness and kindness, while retaining all its industrial qualities. In contrast to the certain coldness of concrete, minerals, semi-precious stones, variously processed glass or raw resin are used. The carrier element of each piece of jewelry is silver.

Contact: Robert Juhoš, phone no.: +420 777 188 815, e-mail: [email protected]

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