Necklace Objects


Silver Ag925, concrete and olivine necklace.

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Objects is a jewelry collection full of fruits from the hands of plants, trees, and humans. Everything that blossoms can also ripen and is full of beauty and sweet fragrance. This journey runs according to the rhythm of life in its highest principle through the whole universe, which we can’t control, which we can look at with wonder and with a feeling of a wish fulfilled – inhale… exhale… It is a time of rest, a time of sowing and a time of harvest.

We make each of our jewelry pieces by hand and only as one unique piece. The gemstones are chosen with care and we pay attention to their origin and quality.

Suitable as an exceptional gift for an exceptional woman.

How to care for jewelry?

Diameter of the bead is 1,9cm. Length of the chain 50cm.

The olivine crystal (peridot) can be removed from the pendant or worn on its own. It is precisely balanced with a concrete ball, so that it constantly burns upwards like a flame. The ball does not spin.