Necklace Gemstones


Silver and gilded silver Ag925, concrete, tourmaline (verdelite) and emerald necklace.

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Gemstones carry with them the legacy of the 1950s and take inspiration from the cinematic world of Karel Zeman. Beautiful wanderings through the underwater landscape with incredible tricks, suspense and bubble after bubble all around as you exhale. So try to catch one of those bubbles and find your treasure in it – a cut amber, garnet, amethyst or citrine, carnelian or tourmaline.

We make each of our jewelry pieces by hand and only as one unique piece. The gemstones are chosen with care and we pay attention to their origin and quality.

Suitable as an exceptional gift for an exceptional woman.

How to care for jewelry?

The side length of the cube is 2,4cm. Length of the chain is 55cm.