Everyone gives priority to something else. One loves handbags, the other appreciates beautiful shoes or clothes.

Jewelry is a special category. Today it’s available in many variants, whether it’s design, material or functionality. We are used to seeing jewelry made out of wood, bones, porcelain, glass or resin.

In recent years, concrete is also appearing in the offer of jewellers. And we love that!

Concrete is a very malleable material. Its gives us the opportunity for various processing techniques, but thanks to them it also needs a completely different care than other materials.

In the production of concrete jewelry, we use silver, which has one essential property together with concrete, and that is the creation of a gradual patina. Both materials darken slightly when worn. However, in both cases the patina can be easily removed.

We can handle the darkening of silver relatively easily

All you need is a silver-friendly cloth or a gentle cleaning solution and wipe the silver ideally after each wear.

But what about concrete?

First of all it is important to know, that concrete should not come across acidic juices (for example lemon, vinegar or lime), grease, or chemicals (such as detergents, disinfectants or perfumes).

Second of all, each piece of jewelry is treated with a special nano impregnation, which partially prevents its soiling and soaking. However, do not take the jewelry with you into the shower and generally avoid its longer exposure to water. If the jewelry does get wet, let it dry at room temperature for at least one day.

And last, do not wear long necklaces and rings during manual work or cleaning, and put away larger pieces before going to bed.

So what about patina or possible soiling?

Fine sandpaper or a sponge is required for cleaning. We recommend a grain size of 180 and more. Sand the concrete very gently, clean the dust with a damp cloth and let it dry. After drying, clean the silver with the already mentioned cloth and the jewelry is ready to wear again.

The exceptional material also requires exceptional care, which will bear fruit in the long run. As you can see, this care is not demanding, but all the more important.

Paradoxically, hard concrete can teach us greater sensitivity and consideration for ourselves.

Have a great day, Tyna

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